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ERICA. 27 years young. engaged to KJL. dream chaser. graphic design. virgo. 100% italian. the walking dead. full time worker. weight watchers. cuddling. gordan ramsey. fresh sheets. french toast. live music. blinkies. romantic comedies. old school television. inside jokes. random moments. music of all kinds. coolatas. modern family. a good book. piercings & tattoos. pedicures. hyundai tucson. hope. irish accents. laughing. boston terriers. love songs. cold lo mein. best friends. late night laughs. faith. getting healthy. jersey shore. road trips. seth rogen. new york yankees. football. carving pumpkins. city life with the mountain view. huge imagination ♥ love me or hate me; I don't really give a fuck.

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Words of Wisdom
Eat the damn chocolate cake, get your hair wet, love someone, dance in those muddy puddles, tell someone off, draw a picture with crayons like you're still 6 years old and then give it to someone who is very important to you. Take a nap, go on vacation, do a cartwheel, make your own recipe, dance like no one sees you, paint each nail a different color, take a bubble bath, laugh at a corny joke. Get on that table and dance, pick strawberries, take a jog, plant a garden, make an ugly shirt and wear it all day, learn a new language, write a song, date someone you wouldn't usually go for, make a scrap book, go on a picnic, relax in the sun, make your own home video, kiss the un-kissed, hug the un-hugged, love the unloved, and live your life to the fullest. So at the end of the day, you'll have no regrets, no sorrows, and no disappointments.
Base layout credits go to snubbly @ paidlays, and was majorly edited by snuddles. Image found by bluebraid.
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I'm sorry that I have sucked so hard at this lately. Still unpacking & all.

I'll be back!
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Mrs. Mullen ❤'s Mr. MuLLen: LB- EVERYTHING I DREAMT OF
From: hismrs(Link)
Date: November 3rd, 2011 01:43 pm (UTC)
I cant wait to see pictures of your new place :)
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